Van Tharp Workshops

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  1. Has anyone attended any of these? Comments?
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    I have attended Peak Performance 1 and 2, the advance stock workshop with Dennis, I have also attended a few other day courses...(With different speakers: Chuck Lebeau, Steve Sjuggerud, Ken Long, and many others.)

    What would you like to know?
  3. Please post your experience and the value of the workshops. Thanks!
  4. I've never taken any courses and I may be way off base here, but my first question would be about Van Tharp's son. I know he was a trader a few years ago and from what I heard he was not successful. Seems that if your Dad was a "trading coach" you'd be a decent trader.
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    It has changed my way of thinking in many ways. For me it was worth every penny. Van does not give you a black box, or advice what you must use to become a success overnight. If you are looking for that, then you will be disappointed...

    If you are looking for somebody to help you organize your thoughts, feelings and you want to learn how to think to accomplish something(like beeing a trader), you will be very excited about these courses.

    I do not know if his son still trades or not. But what has this to do with Van's work?

    There are so many criteria that comes in to play to be a successful trader, that not everything can be solved by a coach or a mentor.

    If you want to be a great basketball player, you need some other things also, then only coaching from the coach of Michael Jordan.
  6. Thanks for the info, Daniel. I'm thinking of taking the Peak Performance 101 workshop for and/or the 17 Steps to Becoming a Great Trader.

    I've got some great insights and strategies for the market -- I just need to get better on the implimentation and execution -- I'm hoping that these types of workshops will help me.