van tharp peak performance home course

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  1. nylord1


    does anyone have one they would like to sell? please pm me. thanks
  2. lojze


    What's that?

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    why dont you PM Rtharp from ECHO trade?- he's Van Tharp's son - i think he's one of those guys who has a lot of posts- damn 1166 posts!! that is truly amazing- and how many are shameless promotion for echo trade?- well i guess 'ol Don needs a competitor to keep him on his toes....:D let the battle rage on......anyways, i'm sure tharpy tharp thrap can hook ya up with it
  4. Yo R, way to shake it up yourself, You should of seen that robert dude squirm after I called him out on some lies about being a billy bad conversion trader at the CBOT,....LOL ....There is no doubt in my mind he is the biggest fruitcake on this board.
  5. the fact is that, the bright cat is too arrogant and naive to understand that those (OTHER) hungry echo dudes are tagging every possible customer of his.....
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    Oh darn does that mean OVERtheLINE is not allowed to post his meaningless piffle on this thread?