Van Tharp new book Vs Van Tharp Old

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by damo484, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. damo484


    I have the "older" copy of Trade You Way to Financial Freedom by Van Tharp. I see that it has been revised and is up for sale.

    Is there anyone who has read the two, been able to compare them and give me an honest analysis on wheather the additional information in the revised edition is worth the pursuance of that second copy or is it just a little more of that same long winded fluff??

    Thanks for your input;

  2. I am sure there are differences in them, but in my perusal I didn't see enough to warrant a new purchase...but maybe if you found it used somewhere for a good price it would be worth it.

    He has some good stuff to say, and it is definitely worth looking into to make sure the concepts he presents are grasped properly.

    I believe he said he had made some changes in his R model or something....speaking of that, I should re-read mine. LOL
  3. damo484


    lol, thanks for your input beaver. if i get it at a good price i will have a look and my post a review if it would interest anyone.

    Van Tharp has a lot to say - and a lot of it is good too. He just know how to wind it out a little!