Van Tharp, Landry and Connors material for sale

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  1. I have some courses lying around here that I'm getting rid of. I'll invoice buyers through PayPal. $5 Shipping and handling for each order (I'm sure it's more, but whatever, that's all I'll charge). If you're interested shoot me a PM and we'll take it from there:

    Van Tharp's Peak Performance Home Study Course (tapes and workbooks never used): $600 (retails for $795)

    description found here (although my packaging is older so it looks different):

    Van Tharp's System Development Home Study Program (tapes and workbooks never used): $800 (retails for $995)

    description found here (my packaging is older, so it looks different):

    Dave Landry Swing Trading for a Living - Videos watched once, workbook binder included: $500 (similar course retails for $695)

    Trading Connors VIX Reversals - binder that includes all the rules for Connors' VIX reversals. No idea what this goes for, so let's just say $50.
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  3. They are worthless.
  4. Lots of things in life are "worthless" -- the only thing I care about is what someone else is willing to pay for them.
  5. It appears you have found them of such small value that you are trying to salvage your investment. Or, you have made copies and are selling the originals.

    What is the best offer you have received, if any at all?
  6. I actually never got around to using the Van Tharp stuff. I've read his book which I found useful at the time, but the tapes sat on my shelf for a few years and I never listened to them. I guess I'm at the point where I feel like I've found my stride and edge and I'm liquidating a lot of my books/tapes/courses/whatever, etc because I feel like I don't need them anymore. Truth be told, I'm cleaning out my office, so either someone else gets them or they go in the trash.

    In the last 48 hours I've sold a number of books that others here consistently espouse as being great: Trading in the Zone, Disciplined Trader, Master Swing Trader, etc. etc. I didn't make copies.

    The books that I'm holding on to are ones that I find myself consistently re-reading or using as reference: Option Volatility and Pricing, Trading Risk, Money Management for Futures Traders, Options as a Strategic Investment, etc.

    Believe it or not I found the Connors/Landry stuff helpful in my early years of trading. More to get a feel for the markets (which of course there is no substitute to watching them day after day). Not because I applied what they taught rigidly, but because it prompted other ideas and understandings. Obviously TradingMarkets, like all the other gurus is self-serving. So, to answer your question, yes they aren't useful to me anymore -- but that doesn't mean they weren't useful at one point or won't be useful to someone else.

    I don't know about you, but I never took a course in college more than once -- I don't think it should come as any suprise that someone doesn't need to step through a trading course more than once either to get the point.

    No offers yet, just listed on Sunday. May move this over to eBay in a few days.
  7. Conners, Landry, et al fleece the novice flock.
  8. Did you use to work there? -- I'm curious because I think I remember someone with a name similar to yours at TM.

    BTW, I don't disagree with you, but I will say that some of the material I did find helpful as a newbie.
  9. Of Course Not!

    So long, and good luck
  10. I offer a money back guarantee on my materials. I answer all emails for anyone needing assistance. If you followed everything I said to do in my (free at Yahoo! Finance) column this year (and longer-term) you would be up nicely.

    So how is that “fleecing”?
    Dave Landry
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