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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by nursebee, Mar 7, 2010.

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    I've read the first few pages of results when van tharp is searched here. What I am looking for is feedback from those that have bought and utilized the $800 home study course that Tharp offers. I've read thru his books, they seem to offer good risk management, self improvement, business plan ideas that are actionable. Does the home study course offer more? Any thoughts on this prior to me making a purchase?

    I see it come up on ebay every now and again, currently an old with audiotape version for 350.

  2. There is NO shortcuts in this game.

    It is 99% mental. The mental fortitude to fight through and perseverve is what separates the best from the rest.

    That said, even if you can get one single thing that can advance your skills in making money using money, then it is well worth it.
  3. Tharp's expertise is slightly "dated". Look around the internet for stuff authored by Denise Schull. She has a different "take" on trading psychology that you may benefit from before dropping a lot of money on "stale" material. :cool: