Van Tharp Courses for Sale

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  1. LC, just play'em on your car stereo, instead of that worn-out copy of Headbangers Ball you've got stuck in there. :p

    I own both courses, and would recommend each highly. Actually managing to work through the Peak Performance Course is likely to do anyone more good than just reading every book -- and there's nothing wrong with them -- ever published by Mark Douglas, Ari Kiev, Brett Steenbarger and, for that matter, Van Tharp himself, combined.

    On the other hand, your BINs may be more than a tad optimistic... That's just the reality of selling commodity items like these on eBay. If you end up getting even 50% of the original price, I'd say you're doing really well.
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  4. no offense, but you may get $50.00 for it. its way overpriced.

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