Van Tharp Courses for Sale

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  1. Shameless plug (though in Classifieds):

    I just listed Van Tharp's Peak Performance Course:

    and, Developing a Winning Trading System

    on eBay. I have never used them, and they are in casette tape format and are brand new. The Peak Performance Course can be purchased at a $100 discount to his website -- the system design course can be bought for a $200 discount to his website. They are both 10 day auctions.

  2. I wouldn't even take his trash if it was free.
  3. What is this "cassette tape" format you speak of? Is it like a primitive iPod or something? :D :D :D
  4. Casette tape is a completely cutting edge technology -- beyond iPod. No downloading. No Computer. No iTunes. ...and just like digital, it does not skip. :D
  5. Best thing about cassette tapes... NO DRM!!!!!!!!!

    Too bad about the consant hissssssssss
  6. crazyveddie -- that's noise cancellation technology. Better than Bose.
  7. *bump*
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  9. "Cassette". Sounds French. Must this "cassette" you speak of be played on French equipment?

  10. I'm getting the impression that I need to throw in a tape deck...

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