Van K Tharp Training Seminars

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by MarcusFarcus, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever assisted a seminar by Van K Tharp? What would be your opinion on quality and content?

    Thanks Marc
  2. Roark


    He needs the money because he was not successful in trading his way to financial freedom. His book should be more accurately entitled "Advice From a Failed Trader".
  3. damo484


    Before you go to one you should probably listen to one of his recordings such as Desgning a Trading System.

    I like his work but have a few issues with it. Most of the people that attend his courses work in the industry and are fund managers of sorts, meaning they don't trade their money.

    They talk about holding on to trades to "let them mature" and things like that which is all fine. But when it is your money on the line are you willing to hold on to a loser just to let it mature? This is an answer than only a real trader who trades his own money can answer.
  4. I picked up one of his books. It's pretty good. Some good ideas for "managing trading" but not very technical. I'm sure he's got others but it wasn't extremely impressive.
  5. I have a couple of his books which are decent but his seminars are overpriced imo. He says he doesn't need the money but people don't value anything that's free.
  6. let van tharp f..k himself in the arssssse
  7. damo484


    He says he doesn't need the money but he charges 55K for one of his courses! (I believe it is the adv super trader).

    Now with the GFC he is doing the "pay what you want program".

    I like the guy and his work, but its not all roses.