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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by vsisto, May 11, 2002.

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    Van Buren Securities, LLC, specializing in electronic equities trading since 1996, is seeking professional independent traders for its offices in Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco and Santa Monica. Remote trading is also available.

    We provide the tools that the professional needs:

    · Competitive, volume based commission rates with no ticket charges**;
    · Professional leverage on contributed capital;
    · The power of Sterling Technologies software;
    · Personal 3-4 monitor trading workstations;
    · T1 lines to ensure fast and reliable order execution and market data;
    · Support and risk professionals dedicated to you;

    ** Van Buren is committed to recruiting active, independent professional traders and is prepared to BEAT the current deal of those professionals meeting Van Buren’s capital and share volume requirements.

    Exclusive to Van Buren Members:

    · Access to our successful proprietary trading group’s advanced methodology to enhance your own trading strategy including a:
    - Custom designed filter;
    - Daily research;
    - Daily trade picks.

    · Access to documented and proven methodologies for entry and exit points in a variety of market situations.

    · An environment that provides trading support to adjust to ever-changing market conditions, including experienced and successful head traders at each of our trading locations.

    Interested traders should contact our President, Vito Sisto, via email or phone at:
    888-781-9400, ext 2850

    Van Buren Securities is a professional broker-dealer registered with the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Van Buren membership requires a minimum capital contribution. Van Buren is not a retail brokerage and does not solicit retail accounts.
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    Simple question: what's the desk fee? I hate when the most basic info gets omitted just to make people call.
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    Guess my deleted posts answer the question about whether advertisers have free reign to commercialize threads.
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    As I PMailed you about 2 weeks agoo and still haven't got an answer, how do you expect to get new traders ?

    If you're still searching, try and beat the deal I wrote you about, if not it's OK as well but be polite and answer.

  5. Better we don´t write anything here ... :D
  6. Why even bother having a forum on Brokerage Firms when one isnt even allowed to criticize them?
  7. Too true. You moderators are caving to your sacred advertisers and it's hurting the credibility of this forum.
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    Yeah, the original question you posted (and the responses to it) got deleted because it was a moot point that has been answered many times on this board. It was also a question that really should have been asked by starting a new thread in the feedback forum.

    One of the benefits that advertisers here enjoy is being able to actually participate in the discussion. So if you're asking "Can advertisers commercialize threads?", the answer is yes. They support this site and therefore we give them benefits and opportunities that non-advertising firms do not get.

    By the way, if you want a prompt answer to a policy-related question, don't post your question in a thread (like this) that has nothing to do with site policies because odds are that I won't even see your post.
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  10. LOL, .004 cents is a great deal. However, most these firms know that the Prop houses are closing and that daytrading is just about finished. So, they want to get the last dime out of selling the dream.

    I just talked to a firm, they call themselves proprietary. However, you bring your own money to the table. How is that proprietary, they say its their hedge. LOL,

    Nothing wrong with bringing your own money. But listen up, I was trading with the Best Proprietary firm out there. I was trading an easy Million one way, two million if i was short/long. I brought no money to the table and the commissions were 9/10ths of a penny. Such a deal is no longer and things have changed for that firm.

    I have talked to many "day trading"firms. Most give a volume discount, they want you to churn and burn. So, if your a SOES bandit banging out 1 million tickets a day or more, you'll get some sort of "bunching" deal. The reality is that most of your profits, if you have any, will be going to the house. Gota pay those commisions.

    Not to say there are some good firms out there for good traders. I have been doing research and most are a joke, still selling the dream. Market has changed but the dream lives and they know that.

    I agree, .004 and i will listen, otherwise, I will kick back and enjoy life until i meet the right situation to enter into. Time is on my side.
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