Van Barfoot RIP

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by taclander, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. My Dad served with this gentleman, may he and others Rest in Peace. As opposed to the Tom Brokaw phony baloney, the greatest generation is all have served. Maybe more so those in the minority that stood up to England and made our country(USA) where we are today. To those that are ashamed, feel free to move, you piles of crap. To the rest who get disagreement is part of what makes us great and who put their lives on the line, thank you!
    God Bless!.....yea you saw it...God bless.
  2. Not so much to beat a dead horse, but it is what I'm good at, the man is a Congressional Medal of Honor winner. He also made the news because he flew the American flag in his subdivision, which of course is just horrible. Get the sarcasm.
    Cripes, you would think I had a bad day, but actually made new equity highs for me. I thank him, my pop, and all those before and after for giving me that chance to work in this great country. Whether I agree with you or not politically I thank God for those that made us what we are, and I have the opportunity to post either way and not worry about disappearing.