Values representation and placeholders

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  1. I'm working with T&S data imported into excel.

    What would be the easiest way to decimalize the price portion in excel?

    The ^x = 8ths.

    Timestamp Last Price
    01:14:59 pm 384^4
    01:14:58 pm 385^2
    01:14:58 pm 385^2
    01:14:58 pm 385^2
    01:14:57 pm 385^2
    01:14:57 pm 385^0
    01:14:56 pm 384^6
  2. I am assuming that the price is in a cell by itself and you have a lot of data. Hit the Control key and the H key simultaneously, then in the find field type ^4 and in the replace field type in .5, then hit the replace all button, repeat for other values. Otherwise you will need to use IF, RIGHT, MID, LEFT functions.