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  1. neovo1


    Is anybody tracking the performence of the Valueline-modelportfolios ( I-III) on a monthly basis ?

    Valueline itself does not. Portfolio II should be okay for a conservative investor, if I see the performancereport from Valueline, but I need it on a monthly basis to figure out
    max. drawdown, max consecutive loss a.s.o.

    Who can help me ?

  2. JackR


    VL does not publish drawdown. You have to do it on your own. If you are a subscriber it is fairly simple to do it on a weekly basis. Just extract it from the on-line version and dump it into a spreadsheet.

    Attached are the results for the past 5 years versus the Dow, the S&P500, the NASDAQ, and VL's Arithmetic Index. No taxes or commissions.

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  3. So it would have just been best to buy the S&P 500 ETF or place your cash into the Vanguard 500.
  4. jcmonger


    First Trust has some UIT's that use value lines picks. They have a top 25 and top 100 portfolio. You can find performance numbers on thier site. Not sure if this is what your looking for or not, I hope it helps.

    The "Facts" link is the one with the numbers on it.

  5. agpilot


    Hello neovo1
    I am fairly certain Mark Hulbert Financial Digest has tracked Value Line for quite some time but its been several years since I read any of Hulberts reports. Tracking many other newsletters was the prime thing Hulbert did for a long time.
    Sorry I don't have a link. Try Google... agpilot
  6. JackR


    I think you have to look at the time frames involved. The Vanguard 500 existed 5 years ago but if memory serves there were no ETFs. I haven't looked at ETFs vs. the index they track but they should underperform over the longer term due to the management fees. VL ignores commissions and taxes so there is probably some adjustment necessary for a true comparison.

    Take a look at CSSGX, a fund set up to more or less follow the VL 1's. It has been running for just about a year. If you do look, ensure that you plot it against an index like the S&P for the entire year.

    All this stuff is for investors of course, not traders.

  7. taowave


    Anyone have an opion of Zacks research and ranking system vs Valuline's??

    Any other sites that are fundamentally oriented that one would reccomend??


  8. taowave


    Anyone have an opinion of Zacks research and ranking system vs Valuline's??

    Any other sites that are fundamentally oriented that one would reccomend??


  9. edbar


    Is anyone familiar with any other companies who produce proprietary indicators the way ValueLine has Timeliness and Safety rankings?

    I am familiar with GorillaTrades alerts Jim Cramer's alerts, and also the IBD 100 list.

    But are there other popular ones?