Value Trading Method (VTM)

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  1. Anyone know how this strategy works? It's trend following. Where to get more info? Michael Gibbons says it works on Stocks, Bonds, Futures, and Currencies.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I once heard some one say... In a trend, everything works.

    Sorry to sound so cynical.
  3. Loki


    There are no info and he won't say how it works because it is propietary research.

    For $ 18.000 he will send you buying and selling signals for 1 year, that's all.

    Trend following works well when there is a trend ( now ) , however you won't always have trends.

    There are moments where the market is going nowhere.
  4. For God's sake, where do I sign up.:D
  5. Thanks for the posts!

    I'm trying to find out if anyone has paid the $$ and knows what the system is.

    I'll test for validity after that.
  6. Loki


    That would be me, but no one knows how the system works, he is not talking about it.
  7. website ?
  8. Thanks for replying Loki.

    Where you able to look at his recommendations and determine his criteria as to when a buy or sell signal formed?

    It sounds like it's a recurring formation according to his website.

  9. ROTFLMAO :p