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    Has anyone had any expierience using the Marketscreen scan service.
    I am realitivly new to active trading and always looking for likely trading candidates.
    Ulitimately, I hope to perform my own market wide, real time scans and am leaning towards NeoTicker.
    But to take advantage of this platform, I need a broadcast data feed.
    At this stage, I feel I lack enough expierience to advantage of and justify the Neotick system.
    Therefore, I am considering a service such as Marketscreen.
    The drawbacks that I can see with Marketscreen is the 20 min. price delay and scan updates performed only once every hour.
    Do these drawbacks really restrict the usefullness of the product?.
  2. I paid the $500 last year to register. Didn't use the service too much.

    Later on I found nearly Identical screens for free on under the screeners.



    I keep an eye daily on a few of the screens on the website