Value of an advanced business degree (MBA, MSF) going forward

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  1. I would like to get an MBA, I find the material interesting. Id like even more to get a MSF (Masters of science in Finance), cause it cuts out some of the MBA crap I wouldnt really enjoy, and its just 1 year. I trade profitably but I dont come near supporting myself from it just yet.

    But then I consider the layoffs in these sectors (Im one myself), and the future of the industry and the future of compensation in this industry, and it really doesnt seem very bright to lay down $30-$150k for an advanced degree. Maybe Ill just knock out a CFA, much cheaper at least.

    I almost feel like trading Europe at night and working construction, Office Space style. Im doing some manual labor community service for a legal infraction last year, its not that bad but I could handle it if I had to haha.

    Seriously everyone already seemed to have an MBA 2 years ago. Now its gonna be out of hand. You guys think the value of these degrees is going to take at very least a huge short term hit? Any thoughts on the long term?

    Financial stocks were at an inflated % of the market before supposedly, this is going to be an even more overcrowded space employment wise if this sector finds its equilibrium point lower than it was (though hopefully higher than it is haha).

    Also, on a side note, anybody know about this MSF thing? I think it would be really interesting but pigeon hole me into finance, which I enjoy but I dont want to pay for grad school and have crap job prospects and a half assed mba.
  2. Biziness degrees can be useful when you run out of toilet paper. Any other shitty degree for that matter.

    True knowledge is found within. Be a seeker of the truest knowledge.
  3. Yeah I have been doing the MBA rounds and cannot believe how ridiculous academia is. And the right-out-of-undergrad kids on the tour that buy it are just sad. Its like they dont know business is about making money, they think if they learn to say please in japanese the consulate will mail them a check or at least some cufflinks or something.

    All my friends who have MBAs had shittier jobs than I had until I just got laid off, and I really got a sense that a lot of it was BS. Then again most I know went to my mediocre school and I went there on scholarship as a kid who couldnt pay shit for school, so I can pretend I was cut from a different cloth. but the fact remains a lot of what an mba seemed to be was an excuse to take a few short international trips and get a better job on the back end. Very little value added as far as skills and knowledge. Im just wondering if it is a luxury now and less of an investment.
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    At least it's 'Ultra.'
  5. Ultra like how Im going to have to leverage the shit out of it if I do it?
  6. The worth of an MBA is obviously dependent on how much you're already making and how consistently you're making it.

    If you're a very successful proven trader (and you're the only person that can truly know that) then there's no point in getting an MBA. Ultimately, Most people work or trade because we want to be rich and have fun. If you can't have fun, at least make lots of money.

    Now, the chances of people with an MBA consistently making more money than a trader is much higher than a trader consistently making more money than someone with an MBA.

    Also, it depends on how old you are and your financial target. If you're in your 20s, you have more leeway than someone who's in his late 30s trying trading for the first.

    Again, there will always be successful traders but that doesn't mean you'll be one of them. At least with an MBA from a good school, you're almost guaranteed a decent job.
  7. I'm getting an MBA this May and the job prospects are pretty much crap right now. 2 years out may be a different story. It's not a path to becoming a trader.
  8. Just to get the facts straight, while I don't have an MBA, the only people that are going to trash a masters degree are people who don't have one.

    While the marketplace is very tough for MBA's right now, there is basically a zero chance that the recruiters from Goldman or SAC or basically any decent bank are going to take you without a masters... esp in this environment.

    If you really are serious about higher education, go for an ivy PhD... there will always be room on trading desks for the smartest that colleges can produce. Good luck otherwise.
  9. Hi Moron, I have an MBA and is the master of couple of other things.. and I'm saying it..

    Recruiters from Goldman are kool-aid drinking hippies. They look for the elite academic institutions because the academic types are the easiest ones to indoctrinate and to control.. not because they are rocket scientists.

    Fuck being on a trading desk.. be the fucking desk... (let the truest knowledge lead the way.)
  10. Now, you are talking my language:cool:
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