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    Can anyone recommend a good book on value investing?
  2. I've never really looked into value investing, but Security Analysis seems to be the go-to value investing book. The author actually mentored Warren Buffett.
  3. "The Intelligent Investor" - One of the best.
  4. Those Graham books are unreadable. A good start is Peter Lynch, One Up on Wall Street, which is more about fundamental investing. The Warren Buffett Way by Hagstrom is good about value investing in specific. You Can be a Stock Market Genius by Greenblatt is a winner.

    Those are the three I'd recommend.
  5. Good place to start: Fa09.pdf

    Greenwald, B., et al., Value Investing –– required
    Haugen, R., The New Finance: (4
    edition)–– required
    Greenblatt, J., You Can Be a Stock Market Genius –– required
    Greenblatt, J., The Little Book That Beats the Market –– required
    Cunningham, L., The Essays of Warren Buffett –– required
    Hooke, J., Security Analysis on Wall Street –– recommended
    O’Shaughnessy, J., What Works on Wall Street –– recommended
    Dreman, D., Contrarian Investment Strategies: Next Gen. –– recommended
    Graham, B., The Intelligent Investor –– recommended
    Plus – selections from Graham, B., O’Glove, T., Buffett, M., and more
  6. I actually speed-read that book, and it had very little relevance to value investing. Most of it was dedicated to event driven investing and an overview of a few basic arbitrage models (mainly merger).
  7. Special situations and "events" are merely places people look to find value. The type of investing described in the book is a subset of value investing.
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    "The Warren Buffett way" - Excellent book and quick read
    "Of Permanent Value" - Intriguing read but long
    "Riches among the Ruins" Not related to value investing, but a phenomenal atypical real on the markets.
  9. "Margin of Safety" by Seth Klarman
    "The Aggressive Conservative Investor" by Martin Whitman
    "Security Analysis" 2nd edition by Graham & Dodd
    "Quality of Earnings" by Thornton O'Glove
    "Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits" by Phillip Fischer
    "Buffett: the making of an American capitalist" by Roger Lowenstein
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