validity of the NASD exam sponsoring

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  1. Hi,

    Here is my dilemma:
    I would like to get sponsored for the NASD Securities Series 7 and
    possibly also for the Series 63. It seems that certain firms offer
    sponsorship for these exams without you having to work for them. For
    example the following institution which calls itself the Broker
    training school,, requires the following from any applicant:

    NASD License requirements
    To obtain a new securities license, you need to:
    • Complete the recommended on-line exam-preparation course.
    • will register you with NASD and submit the
    Uniform Application for Securities Industry Registration form (Form
    U-4) to NASD.
    • Complete a background check. The required fingerprint will be sent
    to you by
    • Take and pass two exams. You will take a national product exam and a
    state specific (Series 63) exam.

    My questions are:

    1. Is this kind of sponsorship any good? I mean is it recognized?
    2. Are there any downsides to this kind of sponsorship?
  2. I think all you need a NASD firm to sponsor you to take the exam. It does not matter who they are. You dont need the Harvard of NASD firms to sponsor you to get the license. The license is just a license.
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    Why would you need to be licensed if you didn't work for an NASD member firm?