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Discussion in 'Trading' started by VictorS, Aug 10, 2002.

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    I remember back in college I read George Angell's West of Wall Street. It was supposedly coauthored by a floortrader, not sure if he was a mm or local. During that time period (93-94 I think), I learned a lot and much of what was in the book appeared to be accurate.

    How applicable or educational are the approaches in that book (w. of wall st.) today? Or was it my nievity (i think that's how you spell it).

    I appreciate any responses good, bad, or ugly.
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    Not all replies will be as instructive as the one previous to this. Do not be misled by the number of posts beside my name. I recently changed my nickname because I was tired of the other one.

    I have read one book by George Angell and it wasn't all that great. I have not read the one you speak of. But I can say, that although there are new techniques and patterns that are developed and work, the old ones still work too.

    As long as fear and greed drive the markets, then nothing will change fundamentally. Not the specialists, the market-makers, the institutions, the public, the traders....their motivations won't change.

    Only the technology changes. Better access, lower fees, more participants, more products.

    Whatever you found to be true in that book is very likely to be true today.

  4. "George Angell's West of Wall Street. "

    it is sort of outdated by now , but there are some ideas in it
    I have always wanted to test with intraday data

    the co author was a a local named Barry Haigh ( spelling )?

    not sure if he is still trading out there or retired by now
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    Has a article written by him in the current issue. Read it last night.

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    I thank you all for the great responses. I guess I'll purchase the book(w. of wll st) and see how it works out. It's just that now I see so many useless books with no true trading (or outdated) experiences. If I come away with one idea it'll be the time.

    Once again, I thank you all for the help.:) :)
  7. VICTOR: if it is any comfort you only need about 4 or 5 blockbuster trading ideas to serve as the complete foundation for trading successfully. Trader education is a long slow sifting process for those golden nuggests.