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  1. As a trader in the Forex market, I have done numerous amounts of research to search for the best broker and EA that best suits me. While I was ongoing with my research for brokers, I came across a few interesting yet ridiculous forex broker review websites called This is a website that review Forex brokers, and EA but they are making fake scam reviews to increase traffic to their site.

    1. Forex broker rating

    I have gone through all the forex broker reviews on this website, and they rated all the brokers 1 star. I guess this manager wants to make problems with all brokers. There were lots of comments mentioning that the manager asks money from these brokers to delete their post.

    2. Website review

    There are many reviews if you search “Valforex review” on google. They are already well known for their fake reviews and listing scam robots. BUT they are actually acting as if they will fight for scam brokers. They also ask for donation for fighting against scam. Also, they are using these bad review to increase traffic into the website, and sell robots they actually earn money with.

    3. Untrustworthy Robots

    The robots they sell are mostly not unreliable. They have no result of past trading history, no evidence of being published other from his website. Who can trust them without any evidence of successful trading history? DO NOT RISK YOUR MONEY ON THEM
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    I enjoy reading those reviews.

    It helps me to sell fridge to the eskimo ( or something similar).