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  2. if over-priced FRIED "dough" is important to her than anything else, inc YOU, need to find a new mate :D
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  3. THE GIST:

    * Men can detect a woman's natural scent at an unconscious level.
    * In an experimental study, testosterone levels were higher in men who smelled an ovulating woman's T-shirt.
    * This research is one of the first papers to show a link between testosterone levels and a scented stimulus.

    Women's Natural Scent More Seductive Than Perfume
    When it comes to attracting a man, a woman really doesn't have to wear anything at all.

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  4. Those are some expensive desserts. Note that most of it has to do with presentation. If it isn't presented correctly it looks like sh!t, (case and point #5). I can honestly say that if someone was to present those desserts to me (and I knew how much they spent on them), I would think they aren't the brightest.

    As for the red roses, though I think flowers are beautiful and romantic, whenever I see a man carrying them I can't help but think that he must have done something bad. They are the thoughtless go-to gift for all occasions.
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  5. Could be one way to look at it. I think what would be special if someone gave me something. I've been told I'm impossible to shop for because anytime I want something I just go out and buy it for myself (I basically have everything i could want) So if someone made something or wrote something for me, well thats something that you just cant buy, which to me makes it more valuable. But i guess if you dont have much, maybe getting "store bought stuff" is special. I dont been along time since getting something from the store was special for me.(one of the downsides of having everything i guess)

    But hey...I guess that just makes it easier on the guy. doesnt have to put any effort into valentines day. Just spend 100 bucks on flowers, chocolate and maybe another $100 on dinner reservations and the woman acts like the guy thinks she is more special than if he made something for her. $200 bucks once a year isnt going hurt anyone financially and she's happy.
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    $200 for a trader is petty cash. The point is she is happy as you point out. If she is happy with something thoughtful meaning hand made etc, that is what you should do. There is no right or wrong.
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    Ya, presentation is a huge part of a meal. These desserts are incredibly expensive. I remember taking my ex to a very expensive french restaurant. The desserts were out of this world. I don't know how to put a price on the experience.

    I agree. Depending on the woman of course, but to me it would be take her to the airport, where she finds out that we are going to Miami, and the weekend is a surprise.
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  8. Not to mention that she would stand out, wearing winter clothing in Florida. :D
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    She would have a smoking hot dress waiting at the hotel.

    Do I have to lay it all out for you?
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  10. Yea, that's very nice (although that would be a hard gift to top next year). If you're gonna do something, do it well or not at all. I don't know why women LOVE flowers? They die!
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