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    Are red roses automatic on Valentines? I like something more exotic...
  3. what is a truffle?
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    #6 on the link above.
  5. they don't look like anything special

    just buy her a box of doughnuts
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    I can see it now.

    KTS: "Honey, I got something special for you!"
    KTSGF: "Sweetheart, you shouldn't have"
    KTS: "You're the most important person in the world to me"
    KTSGF: [opening box - Donughts from Krispy Kreme. Goes into kitchen, starts weeping, takes pillow and sheets and points to couch for KTS.]
    KTS: :confused:

    LMAO Ahahahaha :D :D
  7. If its more expensive, thats what makes it special. (in a womans eyes anyway) For instance...if I went to the store and bought a Hershey Chocolate bar for 79 cents and any other type of chocolate bar for 79 cents, if i melt them and roll them into truffles and charge 20 dollars each for them, they are going to be much more special than two 79 cent chocolate bars even though they are the same ingredients. They are more special because they cost more. (oh and dont try to do this yourself, because it only works if you PAID for cant make it yourself"

    This also reminds me of a story that i heard on the radio the other day. A guy went out and bought art supplies so he could "make" a card for his girlfriend. He also wrote a song for her on the guitar. The woman didnt like it and said that it was "so sad, because her boyfriend makes 40 bucks per hour" I personally think if someone puts their time and effort into a gift its more valuable than something you can buy. I mean its so easy to just go to a store and say "let me buy that ring, or that tuffle, or those flowers" But a man that goes out there and grows some roses to give to his girlfriend/wife, or who goes out to dig the earth to find a diamond or gold so he can make a ring will be considered "cheap" because he didnt buy it and its "not as good as something you buy in the store" But in my opinion, the type of guy that does this is giving a much better gift than one that buys that stuff especially if he makes alot of money and buying something is just that easy. I think too many women in this country are focused too much on what they can get that they can show off, rather than what they get from someone that they love. But when you love money more than your partner then i suppose you will want something that was paid for in cash instead of in love.
  8. When I tell her honey I have "something special for you" believe me she is satisfied with it :D
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    My daughter makes all of the cards she gives me on her Mac. Some of them are gorgeous and I have framed them.

    I agree 100%.

    Thing is, see, this is typical of a guy. He gives what is important to him, not what is important to her. To me that is just a sign of selfishness. There is no right or wrong in this case. There is only what works and shows you understand, and you have been listening!

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