Valentines... tricks of the trade that got ya laid?

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  1. So, Did your Valentines day "stuff' work out for you?
    Share your (honest) tricks of the trade that got ya laid.

    This thread can either be informative or extremely worthless. Your offerings will determine if guys ( and the Chit Chat babes) can share and gain knowledge from each other.

    After 25 years of 'workin' the same girly teacher babe, I believe I have my Master's degree in female cooing. The real trick -- is in the motivating me to action with these skills honed so painfully by experience.:D

    Flowers - no freakin way. Even she thinks they are a waste of time & $$. She even said, if you can trade 'gifts' with a guy at work - and the girls would never know - YOU MISSED IT!

    Well hell - I got lucky and got it right I guess.
    1. Got her a BLANK Valentines day card - three weeks before V-day. Finally came up with a simple yet very personal saying/statement that - yes... spoke to HER heart. (nice) At lunch each day I devoted some time to the composing effort.

    :) This set the "field of dreams" into Spring time!

    2. She likes dark chocolate.(I don't care for it man, gimme milk choco.) That says - this dark stuff - gift is for YOU only babe. Don't even offer to share. I also added a special request of this Chocolate with the marshmallow center - whew! yuck man- too much sweet for me.

    :) Again- it was like plowing a field gettin' her ready for seed!

    3. Her hobby is reading- So I got her a Gresham novel along with this 'lovely dovey' coffee mug. Two personal favs. of hers in one trip.

    :) The married humdrum sex rule book is about to be tossed out the window!

    No dinner out now. Why fight all those stupid guys in a crowded restaurant lobby? I got fresh prepared ravioli along with some special made tomato and Parmesan cheese sauce, and frozen veg. medley and killer red wine. oh yeah - do the candles thing... I had to boil WATER and microwave. DUH?

    :) Well that did it for this 25yr wifey- all I had to do was say "what" it was my fancy fancied and it was mine for the taking.:D
    A worthy effort when you factor in the residuals too from so much feelie shit geared only at her.

    Yes I can't wait for her birthday either. Bet I get what I want for her Birthday too! Sorta funny isn't it?
    Not just for Valentines day - man.

    So, now its your turn to share- or are you just gonna read?
  2. Uhh... I'm just gonna read.
  3. ????? is did bush give osama a valentine gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!