Vail or Aspen or ???

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Joe, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Joe


    Ok so winter is coming up, which ski spot should I go to?

    Also, I want a hotel thats right on the bottom of the slopes, I was in Wyoming last year staying in Teton Village and it was a pain taking the bus to get on the slopes. In Wyoming the Ritz Carlton has a sweet location, right on the bottom of the slopes you literally walk outside the hotel and 25 feet away is the chair lift. I want that kind of access. Any one have any ideas.
  2. both Vail and Aspen have lots of lodging right at the slopes. Aspen actually has 4 different resorts, with Aspen Mtn in town, and Aspen Highlands probably being the best.

    Vail was created for skiing, so the town is much smaller than Aspen (which was around long before skiing).

    Also may want to consider Crested Butte if you are a really good skier. Small ski town, but lots of restaurants and bars. Very steep terrain.

    If you want more snow with outrageous terrain, try Utah. Park City is the only real ski town, but fun as hell, and lifts actually start IN town. Can also stay at the lifts at Deer Valley next door. Snowbird has lodging at the lifts, but not much else there. Hell of a mountain however.