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  1. Hi

    Has anyone had any experience with his products, his trading room, or mentoring program?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Eastern Europeans generally make very good research scholars and can even be quite innovative. If this guy has already been given whole articles in mags like TASC and others, then he must be having some good value to the products and services offered.
  3. Read his book. That will give you an excellent idea of his intellectual prowess at trading.
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    vadym is one of the "good guys".

    very smart, humble, willing to share, etc.

    having articles published in a magazine such as TASC is not the be-all / end-all (there are at least a few people who have been published in leading trade mags who do NOT trade what they advocate and at least one who has been fined by the SEC for this practice).

    but vadym is on the good side. and his book (techniques of tape reading) is well worth the money.
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    I have known Vad for nearly 10 years now and have never been hesitant to suggest someone try his services. He has a solid approach to the market and is able to communicate it well to his clients/students.
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    tape reading, really
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    does he have a hedge fund yet, more money that way given his publicity already in place :D
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    I can't speak for Vad, but I'm sure you are aware that not all traders aspire to run OPM and money is not the only happiness the world has to offer.

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