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  1. soler


    okay, has anyone purchased this video yet? Is it worth the money?
    I'm a seasoned trader but am always interested in learning more.

  2. Threei



    it's being shipped this week, I don't think anyone had a chance to view it yet. I'd expect first reviwes closer to the end of the next week at best.

    Meanhwile, will be glad to answer any questions about it. Basically, here is what I did there:

    First CD contains videoclips dwscribing my 4 monitors layout, all the software I use and its functions, configuration and some specifically useful for scalping features. There are also several clips illustrating some basic concepts described in printed part: reserve orders, hidden orders, how to distignuish fake orders from real ones, how to evalute slippage risk by level II etc. For seasoned trader, unless he didn't really pay much attention to scalping NASDAQ stocks, this CD will be basic probably.

    Second and third contain videoclips of actual scalping plays mostly narrated in real time (several I had to re-narrate later because of some technical blunders). Some of clips are fully devoted to single play, some have several trades in consequence or even overlapping (one done while another is in progress). With each of them I explain the setup, reason for a trade, running comments on development, stop placement and trailing, changes in thinking as situation dictates etc. I did as little editing as possible in these clips; it may create an impression of material being raw, but that's intentional. I didn't want to make another polished smooth one, rather aimed to preserve feeling of live presence as if one sits next to me during trading.

    Finally, fourth CD is a recording of live seminar on scalping, approx 90 minutes. Slides that I used occupy the screen while my head and gesticulating hands annoy the hell out of you in the right corner :D

    Oh, and in annoying department - russian accent... clear to understand but thick :D

    Hope it helps


  3. Hello Everyone.

    I received mine today. I will go over the material and post my first impressions in a few days.

  4. Schaefer


    Thanks, I look forward to it :)

    Happy trading.

  5. First off I would like to say that i think this cd course is awesome!

    Each trade is explained step by step, including the setup, why the trade was put on, what the thinking process was, how the market influenced decisions and what level II details were taken into consideration. You could then see how the trade develops with realtime comments. Good or bad you could hear and see what Vad thinks and how he reacts to the different situations.

    I loved it. There is nothing more real then this unless you are sitting next to him. You can even hear the coffee being poured during his first morning trade. At some point you even hear the phone ring and Vad mumbling I won't take it, I am in a trade. LOL

    The bonus CD is a recording of a live presentation. If you go through the printed portion of the course, you know most of what Vad says but it is very nice to see him showing slides and commenting on them. It is also nice to see how the audience reacts to all of this.

    This course gets an A+ from me and is worth watching over and over. This course will definitly help me improve my trading!!!

    :) :) :)
  6. froggie


    Threei!! I did not know you are Vad the scalper. Wow, you do not know how much I admire your style of trading. I have subscribed to your email list and have read many articles you have written, Following some of your ideas, I have been able to consistently rake in profits day after day. 200, 300, 600, 50,0, but rarely a loss. Indeed, some of us have figured out the holy grail of trading. And in the "market maker tricks" post, you had said that such feelings of conspiracies affects one's trading. That is absolutely true. Such feelings do prevent me from taking many of the successful trades which I DO miss. Perhaps its time to move away from conspiracy thoughts and increase profits.
  7. Threei


    Thanks for good words guys, much appreciated
  8. soler


    I've been trading for many years now...some years are good some are not so good...

    the last 2 months had been bad and I felt I needed to regroup, recharge myself....

    I picked up some books on the pshchology of trading (still trying to get to them) and I picked up Vad's CD.

    I've got to say its well worth the money....I was a little sceptical at first but I figured a. its less than my e-signal monthly fees and b. if I get one good thing from it it would be well worth the money....

    well I got a lot more than one thing from it....for me, it helped me to see that what Vad does (his ideas, emotions, setups, etc...) is what I do and have done for years too...

    the scalping helped me on thurs / friday to pull profits out of the markets without hesitation.

    you guys should consider the videos like a coach or a massage...from time to time we use these things outside the trading we can use it in the trading arena as well...

    Vad, again thanks for the videos...well worth every penny.
  9. Any more feedback from members who bought this particular set of cds?????