Vaccine H1N1 did it had an effect on your trading ?

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Did the H1N1 had effect on your trading ( discretionnary primarly )

  1. I will never freely agree to take the shot...

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  2. No, no effect at all ! My shield to survive...

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  3. No, not really, however I feel something...

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  4. Yes really... I am a new man ! ( good or bad ? )

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  1. **I made a wrong sentence in poll... $hit... sorry...

    So to be clear the question is Did the H1N1 VACCINE had...

    If effect(s) please could you explain, emotionnaly ? P/L ? Nothing at all :D
  2. No one will judge you here... or at least not me. However other will try to destabilize you... but it's another story.

    On the subject, by reading your point I don't know if you took or not the shot ? Because my poll is only for those who took it and if not can have no way to express their opinions in this poll than saying the one or saying nothing... it's hard to do poll :)
  3. never were a fool...

    It's only the people than you can love...

    Otherwise I see your point.
  4. I will never take such government sponsored shots because they are part of an international one-world one-currency one-color conspiracy to emasculate and feminize true-blue red-blooded and red-necked stiff-dicked Southern gun loving and gun toting and gold owning males. You can already see the effectiveness of this insidious campaign in the Daily Hotties thread where former males post only pictures of girls who look more like boys than real women. If your dick gets hard looking at any of them, you are experiencing the effects of the shots.
  5. You might very well NOT be crazy. That's the problem.
  6. Around the end of October my Mom who knows I HATE many of the various vaccinations and why, decided to go out (from fear of getting the flu as pumped by the media the last few months) and get the new flu vaccination (she is 70 and in pretty good health).

    My Mom called me one day after the shot and told me she was getting very sick with flu symptoms but did not tell me she had received the heinous flu shot (she was scared to tell me at the time). For two weeks my Mom had been very sick and weak (vomiting, severe diarrhea, chills, and body aches).

    After this two week period, I get a call one afternoon after just flying back to Austin from was a family member telling me my Mom was in critical condition at a hospital about to be put on life support. I was like WTF??? Instantly, I hurry up and make immediate flight arrangements and fly out to Vegas where my Mom was hospitalized at the time.

    I spent almost the whole month of November in Vegas during the time my Mom was hospitalized and then recovering after discharge. The tainted and poisonous flu vaccination had degraded her body into a hell of a mess.....lungs filling up with fluid constantly, anemia, lymph nodes 200% of normal size, heart valve fluttering and not sealing properly, excessive bleeding from uterus, etc, etc, etc.

    What shocked me the most in the whole ordeal was the way the medical staff was very very unwilling to discuss the realities of the potential cause (except for one staff member who was VERY WILLING to "off the record" tell me what has been happening with others too after getting the junk vaccinations).

    My Mom has not yet fully recovered from her health scare, but we do laugh about some of what she had to go through at the time. She told me she was more scared of telling me she had the flu shot then her health condition at the time....she is a tough cookie with an exceptional attitude so we try to make the best of a bad situation......laughter seems the best medicine!

    BTW.....stay the HELL AWAY from the various flu shots....swim with THEIR toxins at your own RISK!!! :eek:
  7. Mass media did their work, without realizing what they were doing. They didn't see that they were playing the wargame. Only 2 way with them yes or no... Never the : let me explain you this different point of view, making it 3view point story...
    Only 2 sides in a war...
  8. ohoho !

    the results are greats ! I couldn't imagine this...

    However so far none has taken it ?
  9. yea it did, I was trading NVAX and other related names a few months ago, :D
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