vaccine/autism rate

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  1. Need I say more?

  2. Are you trying to saying the HepB vaccine causes autism?
  3. YES you do.
    The criteria for being diagnosed as autistic changed over the time period discussed.

    autism is now a bullshit diagnosis
  4. I'm not saying anything...the chart is.

    Personally I think its probably the influenza vaccines that are doing the damage.
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    There seems to be a lot of that around these days.
  6. I better tread carefully here as I appear to agree with free filtcher on vaccines.

    Obviously I don't have small children.
    I study vaccines on a case by case basis for myself.

    I would urge caution against vilifying a vaccine based upon BS diagnosis of autism, ADHD(and all of it's relatives), bipolar type 2 etc.

    nothing is completely safe for everyone so it's a risk*probability *severity yes vs the same for no.

    Unfortunately not only your behavior affects the outcome of those probabilities , others do as well.

    Basically if everybody else got vaccinated I wouldn't need to myself.
  7. I was being facetious, I knew you were implying that vaccines cause autism.
    What about cell phones, the use of cell phones has increased also during that time frame. What about high fructose corn syrup, also a huge increase during the same time period. Point being it's foolish to to assume a relationship with vaccines and autism without further supporting evidence, which isn't there.
  8. Going to the DR with a child is the #1 cause of autism.
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    You need to say less. Far less. Please.

    Have you even considered the possible link between parents' age and autism?
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