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  1. why dont you find a report on how many vacant properties there are in shanghai instead of "china"?
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    Although RE prices in China seemed to be in a bubble territory, this article got it all wrong. Too much generalizations and assumptions. If there aren't enough buyers for properties, the developers won't build too much buildings.
  3. You win the award for the dumbest thing said this week.
  4. you're under the incorrect assumption that the developers are intelligent.
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    There is a bubble in real estate prices in China but everyone can keep ignoring the fact just like they did here in the u.s just a few short years ago. Not only are there bubbles in china but Bubble ben bernanke is doing a great job creating even more asset bubbles here and and around the world with his QE2!!!!!!
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    My apologies your highness.

    But I'll tell you what, lets put our money where our mouths at. Since you said that I said the dumbest shit you read this week. Where do you see China's real estate 1 year from now. Would it be 25% higher compared to today (12/22/10), or 25% lower compared to today. Whatever you decide to do, I will take the opposite side. Furthermore I am so confident that you are wrong, you are too chicken shit to put in a reply to this challenge. Go on, lets see what your ego is "WORTH".

    P.S. You fuckin suck at trading :p
  7. I know it sound like a bit sour grape, we all can't deny that the property in China isboombing and most like is forming a bubble as what had happened in US and most part of Europe two or three years ago.

    The only different is that China is a one party government, they CAN (indeed this is the only choice they have to avoid social unrest) do anything to control the property market and avoid the same melt down happened in US. This make different. :D
  8. vacant and unsold are two different things...they may be vacant, but its bought already..i am in asia now, believe me, the chinese got cash out of their asses, better than to put in banks and i dont see a bubble anytime soon..chinese people only buy when they can afford, unlike us in america...
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