V3FX Limited - A fraud Forex Trading Company

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  1. We are people from India. We wish to warn you about fraudulent activities about V3FX Limited having its registered office at 306 Victoria House, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. They claim that they are authorized by SIBA under the SIBA act 1994 [Registration No. 081030].

    The promoters of V3FX Limited -Mr. Praveenkumar, Mr. Mitesh Rasaikar & Mr. Nitin contacted many investors like us in India and lured to invest with their company, They said that they are authorised by SIBA which is most authentic regulation and showed false hopes to us. We believed in their claims and gave money to them to manage on our behalf. Things were going fine until we asked for withdrawals. We have been asking for withdrawals for last 14 months and the company officials are not providing us with withdrawal amounts. We suspect that they took money but never gave it to their LP. The money went into the promoters' pockets and now when we are asking for withdrawals, they are not able to give. This happened with all investors in India. Many investors who are asking for withdrawals, are being denied.

    We sincerely request you kindly advise what to do now. We are also talking to local Police, Intelligence Department and our advocates for the possible criminal action against all promoters of V3FX Limited.