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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by hypo, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. hypo


    I had a deposit with these guys last year and they disappeared saying that there was losses in other accounts etc etc and no money left.

    I've reported them to SEC etc....anyone know what other routes to go through? legal or any?

    Would appreciate any responses from folks that have had similar issues
  2. subban


    Are thse guys based out of the edison nj office ?
  3. hypo


    I think they had some guys out there...some based in ny too

    Vinh and Vlad were the managers
  4. hypo


    not too sure...

    but what happend is pretty much exactly like what happend with Tuco.
    1) being unregistered sub LLC of Assent
    2) misrepresenting my account balance (saying my account was fine until they disappeared)
    3) using my deposit to cover for "other trader losses"
  5. Was Vlad at Generic Trading before they went to Assent?
  6. How much was the scam worth?

    This is why we should propagate public information to warn potential victims of prop trading firms.
  7. hypo


    Yes they were both at Generic.

    myself and my brother's deposits about $25k total...and i have spoken with other traders who have had a few k lost too.
  8. In&Out


    At that time V&V was working under Jasper capital and all cap contributions went to Jasper. The guys who ran V&V did not disappear. The funds that were with jasper were payed out to David Glass when Assent kicked jasper out..
  9. I was with V & V when they were at Generic and can unequivocally state that this type of manuever would be VERY out of character for Vinh & Vlad. Both were stand up guys and I never had any problems.

    However, between these guys & tuco, it sounds like this is not a function of individuals bolting with cash but rather a credit-related crackdown on these sub LLCs.
  10. hypo


    so you're saying that every jasper trader lost his deposit?
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