Uxxar Pivot Points™

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  1. Short 1302 ES
  2. Target 1295 Filled (Gap up)

    Target 1287.50 (Working)

    Stop flat
  3. Short 12176 YM (+12209, see the Mornings on my website)

    Target 12086

    Loss/Reverse Strong Up accross 12176, Target 12245.

  4. Reverse,

    Long ES 1301
    Target 1309.50
    Loss 1297
  5. Lucias


    Someone kill this thread(TM)
  6. Ola, Hello, Bonjour....

    Joe send me a mail for the little label on the chart and I try to erase the Label on the licenced indicator.

    I try to erase too the ™. Ok

    Thank you for encouraging to me to write Live trades. :mad:

    So, i am carried out. Thx
  7. Stop Long & Reverse short 1303 for overnight.

    Down < 1305= Weekly Resistance Rejection
  8. Strong weekly resistance US

    Always Short overnight session

  9. Perhaps you should try this at a place where you can actually get away with trying to sell pivot points:D

    Your trades are late, very late. Most pros and even semi pros have come in and left by the time you post a signal.

    Just tryin to help you tighten your game a lil bit there, my friend.
  10. See guy

    Short Fdax !
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