UVXY why is it down

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  1. ok, help me understand something.

    The Market is down pretty big today. UVXY is down also....

    I dont have a position in this btw. How low can it go? And why?

  2. 1) The market is "down" but not very much. It opened near it's low and rallied somewhat. :(
    2) That can be indicative of short-covering and aggressive put-selling which can pressure VIX indices even when the underlying is trading lower. :mad:
    3) "It" can go lower than you expect it to. :eek:
    4) The correlation, at best, is "only" ~-80% according to the CBOE. :cool:
  3. last week I was thinking of averaging in to a position.
    glad I didnt.

    your point #3 helps a lot.

    now Im thinking it goes to 15.0 or so. maybe lower

  4. another yearly low today- 21.89

    how low can it go....?
  5. 1) You're back! :cool:
    2) "It" ought to drift lower atleast until January 2nd, 2013. :) :(
    3) It may "perk up" then if the new year gets off to a "bad" start. :eek: :p :D
  6. Are you buying UVXY because you want to make money when the market goes down? If so, why not buy puts on SPY?

    If you're buying UVXY because you saw it go down so much and expect it to "bounce back" - do you know how UVXY is computed?
  7. Im looking for a point to start averaging in and yes I want to own it as the Market goes down (VIX goes higher).

    I do not know how its computed. Yesterday the VIX was up slightly while UVXY was down about a point.

    Why the difference yesterday?

    How exactly is it computed?
    Why dont arbs take advantage of the disparity as they do with other closely correlated instruments for example SPY and ES?

    If anyone can explain I would appreciate it.
  8. Jgills


    please dont do this. uvxy isn't something to be held for a long period of time and has a ton of daily decay. there are much, MUCH more efficient ways to take a short view on the market.
  9. I was thinking of starting to average in around Dec 15. Then Buying every 10 trading days or so from then on until the Market goes down and the VIX spikes.

    In case you didnt see my other post, why yesterday was the VIX slightly up while UVXY itself was down almost a point?

    Shouldnt they move in the same direction?
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    i can give you the answer... but you'll never learn unless you figure it out yourself.

    1) figure out what exposure you have when you're long UVXY
    2) look at what those products did yesterday
    3) be happy you now know the answer
    #10     Nov 27, 2012