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  1. I'm chasing this thing with vertical call spreads ahead of the bids. Next down day I'm piling into the equity. Anyone else tracking it?
  2. chud


    Why piling in?
  3. i like equity, and the move will give me more leverage.
  4. the bids come out tomorrow, any guesses on the premium to the stock?
  5. shitty.

    odds of the other group offering more are starting to deminish.....
  6. doubled-down. how dare the press try and pull the market cap down. :cool:

    the bidders are playing this shrewed by baiting with the first bid. double-digit growth, especially with the current administration welcoming immigrants from the south, is killer.

    i'm looking for a winning bid over 13 billion, anyone else care to guess?
  7. ugh - my hopes were with blackstone bringing the $$$$.....
  8. isn't the casino in Vegas? not NY?
  9. nope - wall st is little more then a casino..... :)
  10. so televisa is making thngs difficult on purpose - the equity firms actually backed out a few weeks ago but Televisa decided to to release the info until now.

    drama..... gotta love it. :)

    edit: my target is 39-41 , just thought I should get that timestamped.
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