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    Having just invaded Iraq to stop the Chinese getting the Iraqi oil, will the US government block their new tactic of buying oil on Wall Street?
  2. Interesting spin on the Iraq invasion.
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    its all b.s., china ownz us we cant finance our deficits without them so they can walk all over us as they have been. us policy is joke (china buying maytag too) ultimately we need to respect them since they will end up owning our assets/jobs etc. get used to it.

    its so laughable we fight the war on terror for homelandn securitywhen the real threat was china all along.

    the funniest part is most of this is done under republican rhetoritc and in the end they'll blame it all on clinton lol.

    wotever, just trade your way around it while americans suffer. Oh the paintrain that is coming.. of course thats why I became a trader :)
  4. dude, you need to get out more.
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    Its no different than when the Japanese started buying Rockefeller Center in NY etc etc. The US public wailed and cryed the worldwas ending blah, blah, blah.

    Two years later they sell it back at a huge loss. Same deal here. US Dollars coming home for a rest.
  6. yeah, but it's a pretty ballsy move, in an oriental way :D .

    still, the rule is, "possession is 9/10 of the law."
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    Not really, keep in mind that 65% of Chinas oil passes by where the 7th fleet patrols. It is more a sign that China will cooperate with the US.

    Also, check out the financing - it looks more like a move to have capital flight from China, than a true investment.
  8. You need a real perspective on things. US prints paper and uses it to buy chinese products. Last time I checked, real products are worth a lot more than green paper.
    US has every right to refuse to sell Unocal because a US company cannot just go ahead and buy a Chinese company as if it was a free market.
  9. These morons in Congress that get all "protectionistic" and emotional about National Security Issues coming out of this Chinese bid for Unocal need to have their brains examined.

    FACT: UCL only produces about 50,000 barrels of oil from American soil, ( a rounding error in anyone's book ) and has no refining capacity here anymore.
  10. Yep.
    It's all about OIL and controlling CHINA.
    Always was, always will be.

    Dubya just dummed the war down to WMD so that "Joe 6-Pack" could understand his motives.
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