utube suing youtube, hahah

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  1. I'm thinking about suing both companies for trademark infringement on my sheep-only videos site -- EweTube.
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    I am not proclaiming I am a legal expert, but I am working on a technology venture trader related. In my research, I also follow domain name cyber law. Based on what I have observed, this case should cost uTube.com more than 50k or percentage based of the final outcome. Most attorneys would wave upfront costs just to take a percentage cut because it is potentially greater regardless if they win or loose.

    Then you have google attorneys who get paid by salary and if their performance is bad they get fired. Given that, they would work on what is most cost effective win. In the end, if google can settle for a lower price than the potential outcome and long hours, it is a win.

    I also think your 500k assumption is way overstated, but hey, anything is possible, because of Gray Area.

    As far as gray area, that is the most important part in the legal system. Example, NTP sued Rim with its patents and made over $500 million. NTP is now suing Palm but two of the key five NTP patents are invalid and experts proclaim that the other three may become invalid soon. Same lawsuit, one win and one most likely potential loss, the irony of gray area's importance.
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  4. Do you have 10 years experience running a real business?

    Because this all sounds like someone who reads the WSJ or IBD...
    And has done some cursory research on the Web.

    No serious Law Firm is gonna sue Google "on percentage"...
    And Google will never roll over... and take it up the ass from wee, little UTube...
    Especially since there is ZERO public relations problem here.
    The public has zero interest in these very common domain name snafus.


    Last 10 days...
    Only 4 new stories out of 4,500 news sources tracked by Google News...
    Versus 392 stories in previous 10 days.
    It already a dead story. Yawn 1,000,000 times.

    Legal costs for both RIM and Palm likely ran well into 7 figures over many, many years...
    And that's The Game that you are so casually speculating about.
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    PROOF, you responded chump.

    PROOF, your not the only person that responded, chumped again.

    PROOF, I continuosly keep in contact with IP Law Professors with PHDs while working on my venture, so ya I do consider myself an expert even though I lack 10 years of business experience, but if you want to go with your correlation, be my guest, chumped once more.

    Thanks for playing hounddogone :p
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