utube suing youtube, hahah

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  1. This reminds me of something that happened to my company. I was never so pissed in my life.

    I had an 800 number since I started my business in 1994. Well in 2000 Southwestern bell decided they would use the exact same number with an 866 as the exchange instead of 800. I called them and complained but they told me their customers were so used to 800 numbers that they were not looking to see the 866 and automatically dialed 800. They bascially told me that I NEEDED TO GET MY NUMBER CHANGED. I asked the gentleman for his name and then told him that if they didn't change their number I was going to be very rude to THEIR CUSTOMERS. He didn't care.

    We literally got thousands of calls per day. My toll free phone bill went from about 800 a month to over 10,000 per month. I obviously didn't have to pay the bill, but we did have to answer the phone each and every time to find out if it was one of our customers calling.

    People would call in and even though we answered the phone with our company name people would start yelling at us for cutting off their phone service. I decided to get even.

    If I could determine the race of the person on the phone I would tell them we disconnected THEIR phone because we didn't like black or hispanic people.

    If I could not determine their race I would just tell them we had no intention of ever hooking their phone back up. They were dead beats and we didn't need their business.

    People would ask me for my name and then they would ask to speak to my supervisor. I would give them a fake name, but I would tell them if they wanted to talk with my supervisor they would have to call a different number and ask for "joe blow". Now Joe Blow (I can't remember the real name) was the man who told me they could not change their number and I needed to change my number.

    He received so many complaint calls that they changed their number, and I got to keep mine.:D
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    You are an evil genius.:D :D
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  3. he uses google analytics... there is nothing to reset, the stats are very accurate. there is no "hit" counter on the site.
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    Very Cool Story. Congrats ...
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    From My Own Research:

    1. utube.com has a case because it is a registered business and a established domain name prior to youtube.com, but this is still a gray area of cyber law. It will be interesting to see what takes precedence here.

    2. you pretty much are taking a huge risk monetizing the website by posting ads in relation to youtube.com. Enter at your own risk, regardless if you bought the domain name first. Like I said, this is a gray area of cyber law and it will be interesting to see what takes precedence here.

    3. The owner allegedly did speak to a reputable new source saying he was holding out for 2 million or something when he alleged he was already made a very generous offer. Not a very good motive prior to filling a lawsuit.

    4. Alexa traffic ratings are not accurate, they are an estimate. An estimate that has been known to be inaccurate more times than wikipedia.

    5. My take on utube.com, I actually do think he should win the case. Youtube.com should buy him a new domain name and set it up for him. Total cost would be less then $50,000 tops. Seems more cost effective to me and both sides would actually win.
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    Even so what good does it do for utube to have a new domain name. Their clients know them by this brand name. The next thing they should do is to ask youtube to pay for their advertisement, right? Can utube demand that youtube changes its domain name? I don't think so either.

    This is catch 22 situation for utube. Bad luck.
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  7. This is why I brought up my story in my previous post. When you are going up against a giant you really don't stand a chance by using conventional means. YouTube has done nothing wrong in choosing its domain name. Southwestern Bell did nothing wrong in choosing it's toll free number. In both cases it was the customers that were the idiots, not the owner of the domain names. Utube is just screwed, and if they get anything offered from YouTube they should take it.
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    I do not follow your logic. Clients will not leave you just because you change your name, I am sure you can notify them. You could also easily put up a temporary forwarding website for a short period time.

    In fact, you pointed out something good in your rant, Google should pay for utube.com's fix marketing costs it looses from the transition. Figure, you add another 50k tops.

    A good solution for all parties.
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    In this case if domain change does not affect the existing clientelle what is all buzz about? To set up a new domain name costs few hundred bucks.
    Google did nothing wrong.
    If you are brick and mortar store owner would you sue someone who opened a similar store next to your shop under pretext that it put some stress on your business?
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  10. This is all very nice for chit-chat at lunch...
    But business is a war zone.

    Does UTube have, oh, 500K to spend on a top law firm...
    And the stamina to fight GOOG through the several year appeal process?

    Because thats The Game...
    Not "gray area" speculations...
    Or even who is right and who is wrong.

    If UTube did not accept a decent offer...
    They are very naive...
    Because they are a mouse whining about an elephant.
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