utube suing youtube, hahah

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  1. Alexa is very accurate for high traffic sites...
    Roughly the top 100,000 to 200,000 sites...
    Any site that gets > 1000 hits/day will be pretty accurate.

    The reason for inaccuracy...
    Alexa measures only hits by people that have the Alexa toolbar installed...
    Which I'm wild guessing to be maybe 3-5% of browsers.

    So you are measuring the behavior of 3%...
    Generally more techy, sophisticated users...
    And then extrapolating to 100%.

    Deadly accurate for top 10,000 sites...
    But if you are #300,575 and get 300 visitors/day...
    Alexa can be off by 100%... and show
    100 or 600.

    One thing it's good for...
    Is to weed out good-looking sites...
    That are really deadbeat businesses with near zero traffic...
    And avoid such.
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  2. Hounddogone,

    Statistics ; the law of the big numbers,right !

    Any other tracking site similar to Alexa ?
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  3. S2007S


    THey do not have a case. Utube did register theirs first but still will not win this won. I have seen these cases before, most corporations trying to sue usually lose.
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  4. but its odd.. they never estimate actual traffic "hits"... just percentage of "a million users"... odd no?
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  5. Ratboy88,

    I wonder about that too.

    Well, if you know how many million users
    the net has daily, you can multiply it
    with that number, any idea ?
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  6. i give up on u tube

    that flashing advertising that just started is going to give me an epileptic seizzure... fuck em
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  7. no i don't... HoundDogOne seems pretty knowledgeable in this area, maybe he will enlighten us.
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  8. ok.. here are some sample numbers from a site i visit frequently:

    for oct he had 200,000 vistors and 360k pg views. his alexa reach per million was appx 550.

    his one week alexa rank was 3,014 (extremely good)
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  10. Ratboy88,

    Is he resetting his counter every day or
    on a monthly basis ?
    (if you reset it everyday you will have more visitors)

    What software he uses for tracking his
    numbers ?

    What is the website ?
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