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  1. I'm not sure why the stock is not acting stronger today perhaps it's the small rollout... Check the press release... they have a China presence obviously and their rolling out this new TV format. UTSI won IPTV contract in Shanxi Province with China Telecom (CHA), which further expands UTSI's presence in China as an IPTV solutions provider. This could lead towards larger projects in China. One would expect UTSI to see demand for their equipment increase over the course of the year in already placed markets due to expansion in the membership base. The concept of IPTV is catching on well and should entice content providers to seek the IPTV route fueling growth for the service in China over the next 2 yrs. For 2007 Could UTSI foster new IPTV contracts that would enable the co reach profitability by the end of the yr?? > PS: Hearing SIGMA Design chips are inside!

    Not sure if the play is UTSI or SIGM! ....~ stoney
  2. Well I've truly lost my mind today. Trading very risky. BUT. Let me lay out my case on UTSI, it's been laughed at twice today.

    First off I highlighted this stock way back at the time we are talking IP TV rollouts stuff like that and debating SIGMA & UTSI.
    SIGM took off & I traded it well but I got off WAY to early- it went from $16 to $55. UTSI will not do that. in fact this a stock is so down and out you would of thunk it dead. SEC all over them, restatement, options scandal, income needing to be accounted for in an earlier period, etc. It's been a complete over the decks situation yet somehow someway the company is still her standing in front of us. It;'s incredible.

    Tomorrow is D day for UTSI. The release of not 1 but 2 qtrs worth of results, the options investigation everything, it could be a clearing of the decks.

    Yesterday after being dead for soooo long the stock jumped 91 cents! That was a 3 month HIGH and got my attention. I could see this working out tomorrow because the short interest is so huge. I should add this a buga- boo stock for me, never made money on it it, it just somehow draws me in. I think their main biz is all in a downtrend but this new IPTV rollouts in CHINA might get investors attention. And that's why I just bought 2,200 shares.
    This should be a $7 stock if the fraud and disaster is not too great tomorrow a VERY risky play brought to you by~stoney
  3. Sometimes as an investor you have to be happy with what management does if it looks like they are trying to do what you asked. And I got just about everything i wanted out of UTSI. We know all the bad news about margins etc.

    S&P Marketscope - October 10, 2007 5:39 PM ET

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    Following the completion of stock option and China contract reviews, UTSI files Q3 and Q4 2006 financials. Sales exceeded our forecasts, but gross margin disappointed. As part of a new corporate strategy, UTSI will focus on its multimedia and broadband businesses, which includes DSLAM, GPON, and IPTV solutions. The company transferred $150M cash from China, which together with over $200M in U.S. cash and equity investments, should help alleviate liquidity concerns related to the $275M convertible notes due March '08. We maintain our 12-month target of $5.

    >> Obviously not happy with the low PT but who are S&P anyway? Bottom line is we have drawn a mark in the sand here (if we open up today) and this is a nice rotation stock, out of mo mo and into more of a comeback kid. Sales Exceeded! Moving into better margin stuff, this analyst should have been more upbeat but I guess folks are scared of giving a blessing to a troubled company. I am not held by such restraints! GO UTSI!!! ~ stoney