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    Just got the spam email below. Are these people scammers? I dont get it! This is the 3rd or 4th time they're pushing this system in a year. Each time they claim to sell 3-500 systems at 1200 per shot. I mean jeez thats upto 6ook every sale. Phuck what am I doing I should sell my system.! Are people really that gullible? Are people actually buying this shit? I really dont believe it!! :confused:

    Can anyone who has bought this system back 'em up?



    Fellow Trader,

    This is it! Today is the day we've all been waiting for. The UTM Goes Live!

    At 12:00pm EST (New York Time) The Ultimate Trading Machine opened it's doors to the massive onslaught of traders who have been pounding the blog and watching the videos for the last week in anticipation of this very moment. Today is the day you can finally get your copy...


    If you hurry, you now have the chance to finally own what we believe will change the way you trade from today onward. Gone forever is the subjectivity. You'll immediately have more confidence, and get rid of all the second guessing and doubt - what a great feeling!

    If you want your copy of The Ultimate Trading Machine, you really must grab it right away. If not you will miss out, plain and simple.

    Based on the pre-registration numbers (over 300 for just 100 copies available), it looks like the site will be pulled down earlier than expected.

    Hurry, before they're gone... if you are serious about trading, don't let this pass you by. The chance to own your UTM copy will be gone by Friday (or earlier if we sell out before that.) The next launch we do in a few months from now will have a price increase which will put the UTM at over $ 1500.


    Get excited, and Good Trading!

    Anthony Trister