Utility To Measure Hard Drive Transer Rate?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. My HP notebook has a function to measure SATA HD transfer rate (37-38/mps... FYI)

    I can't find a similar function on my Dell 9200... Anybody know of a utility to measure the transer rate?


  2. HD tune. Measures data transfert rate and also the health of your HD. It's freeware.
  3. I found HD Tune... said both my PATA only old Dimension 8300 and my newer SATA on the 9200 were about the same... 54Mps.

    Raptest was a bit different... said the SATA was a bit faster... maybe 20%.

    SATA = 52Mps, PATA 44Mps.

    I was thinking they would be closer to the theoretical limits of 100 or 150Mps.. but no.

    Thanks for the response, guys... :D
  4. The SATA drives will achieve a wonderful boost in speed if you begin adding 2 or more drives in a striped RAID.

    You might also note not all SATA drives are created equal as far as speed.

    Check out this link/site for some speed test between various brand and size HDs.