Utility to control Windows for trade prep etc.

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  1. I am corresponding with a sales person at Otaku Software to try and get a utility to do what I describe below in a single button click. Maybe someone out there knows of such a utility that currently exists. Below is an extract of my detailed description to the sales person. If this utility does not exist they may modify their product to create this utility. I know of one utility that can do this already but it is too complex to set up the windows (not practical).

    Hi James,

    Basically they will need a macro to record their click sequence for how they set up their windows so they get optimal viewing for their current task.
    To give you an idea of now this might work for a typical trader, here is my click sequence to reset my screens before taking a trade.

    Click MS-Access #1 (actually click it on the task bar) (this one I expand full left screen them minimize).
    Click MS-Access #2 (actually click it on the task bar) (I have to preset this to a certain size of window. It is the same with all of the ones in view actually).
    Click execution #1 (actual order submission) (actually click it on the task bar)
    Click execution #2 (trades active) (actually click it on the task bar)
    Click MultiCharts (This is the charting program which has many windows which are the charts. In my case I have 8 of them.).
    Click the 10 second bar chart within multicharts (because it partially overlays the 1 main minute bar chart)
    Click a special 1 minute bar chart within multicharts (because it partially overlays the 1 main minute bar chart)
    (note that all other charts within multicharts have their own space so they are visible when I click MultiCharts itself on the task bar).
    Click MS-Access #3 to bring it ahead of the charting program (it covers the charts in multicharts that I do not really need for entering a trade).

    Of note, I have MS-Outlook running but full left screen then minimized.
    At other times during the day I may run Netscape with a few windows and I want these minimized as a trade is approaching.
    These other programs that I may pull up are totally random.
    So what this means is the snapshot macro would need to minimize (or place in the background) any windows that are outside of the group that are being brought into view.

    I would think that most traders would have 2 or 3 of these special setups (snapshots).
    These snapshots are forever getting disrupted (for example the trader expands one chart window to get a bigger view of that chart).
    Here is a special disruption. First I need to mention that the charting program "MultiCharts" is stretched across two monitors but only 2/3rds into the right monitor.
    I often wish I could expand a chart but not full screen within the charting program but rather to the exact size of the left monitor only (or the right monitor only).
    The reason is the break between the two monitors makes it very difficult to read the chart so the trader ends up having to scroll the chart (very time consuming).
    This type of disruption (if done often) may become a new snapshot.
    In my case I will often click the button to pull the desktop to the front so that whole reset sequence above needs to be done to prepare for a trade.
    Obviously the snapshot would know the exact size and position of the window as well and bring it back ready for the repeat task.