Utility that remembers my trading environment?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by HotTip, Feb 9, 2007.

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    As many of you traders out there, I have a bunch of apps open (charting, browsers, trading sw, etc.). It would be great if there was a utility out there that remembered my trading enviroment so that I can just open it all up with a single click? Or is there a desktop scripting utility where I can record my entire premkt sequence (including logins) so that I can just run the script? There may be securty issues associated with the latter idea, but I'd still be curious if those existed.
  2. save all your layouts (most programs allow you to do this) and then set thos eprograms to launch on boot up.

    Everything should come right up.
  3. Supposedly a program called Macroexpress can do stuff like thus -- but I've never used it, just heard good things about it. They do have a free trial.....
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    Yeah, MacroExpress could do that. It could open all your apps and position them where you specified. You'd have to set it all up of course, then just set a hotkey or time of day or however you want to activate it. ME is a great program, probably one of my most used apps.