utilities: 'UK opens world's biggest offshore windfarm'

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  1. surprised to learn there were any offshore farms, much less the UK currently has
    the largest
    suspect 'windfarms' are a long way behind solar but are the companies behind the
    farms up and coming ? - mostly in Europe ?

    "The eight lines of turbines, running north-west to south-east, cover a total area of
    35sq km off Foreness Point near Margate. With 100 turbines, each 115 metres high
    with 44-metre blades, it can generate 300 megawatts (MW) of power – enough for
    200,000 homes."
    via link in article
    "Blow to UK green techonology industry as less than 20% of £900m investment in
    Thanet windfarm goes to British firms. . . .
    The biggest single contract for the Thanet farm off the coast of Kent has gone to
    Vestas of Denmark, the turbine manufacturer that closed its only UK blade-making
    facility on the Isle of Wight last year."
  2. Here's US latest wind & fusion innovation...
  3. Lot more than i expected and seems the UK is the largest user of the technology
  4. oh-ohhhh!

    'The Thanet wind farm will milk us of billions'
    "In all the publicity given to the opening of "the world's largest wind farm" off the
    Kent coast last week, by far the most important and shocking aspect of this vast
    project was completely overlooked. Over the coming years we will be giving the wind
    farm's Swedish owners a total of £1.2 billion in subsidies. That same sum, invested
    now in a single nuclear power station, could yield a staggering 13 times more
    electricity, with much greater reliability.
    . . . The total amount of electricity the turbines actually produce will equate to the
    average electricity usage not of 240,000 homes, but of barely half that number.
    . . . Our electricity supply companies are obliged to buy offfshore wind energy at
    three times its normal price, so that each kilowatt hour of electricity receives a
    200 per cent subsidy of £100.
    . . . Even the Queen, we learn, tried to claim a "fuel poverty" allowance for her
    soaring electricity bills, which have risen 50 per cent in the past year.
    . . . one of the greatest scams of our age." and the informed 'Comments'
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    Perfect country to have a wind farm :D