Utah puts in place financial independence legislation

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  1. I thought in Obama's jobs bill there is some regulation saying states can't do this. Should get interesting.
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    This is a really big deal...
  3. Can Greece declare its monetary independence, too? :D
  4. Is this a legitimate news site....Infowars? :confused:
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    i wonder if they will have the same views when they are over run by illegal aliens leaving arizona
  6. Yep, there is really something to this, unlike the "Occupy Wall Street" garbage, which is just a bunch of disgruntled Obama supporters who will vote for the status quo (Obama) again next year.
  7. What are they going to do in Utah? Take seasonal jobs in ski resorts? There's a reason they congregate in warmer, ag-heavy states. And I'm sure Utah has the cajones to pass the same laws as Arizona and Alabama have done if they think it's necessary.
  8. I think it's the website of everyone's favourite chubby little right-wing ranter Alex Jones :)
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    The only thing missing here is that this thread was not started by bearice. :D

    I look forward to next thread of this nature which will undoubtedly come out of Idaho.

    God bless America. No place else like it! What a Great Country!
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