Discussion in 'Trading' started by ertrader, Jun 3, 2002.

  1. Seems that the INDU couldn't hold its levels at 9800. TYC? Delphia...? what is going on? Technical levels look like shit. Seems as if some "other" accounting firms are going to be opened up like a can of worms.

    Slow, bleeding....a wounded animal still thinking it can claw its way out of a hole. That is what the markets look like. Good economic data...but the market does not care......as the watch swings back and forth,,,,a voice calls to those of the "buy and Hold" philosophy..."your growing tired, weak,". Uhmmm, could we see a throwing in of the towel by the foreign investors as the dollar slides...of course Domestic investors will be the last ones out...CNBC and Kudlow are keeping the hope alive.

    We shall see, very soon

  2. get a life dude, too many posts in a month
  3. I just want to be a trader like you. So, cut me some slack, LOL,LOL