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  1. Are there any traders here who live and trade from the USVI's?

    I'm interested in moving to St John or St Thomas and wondering if the internet speed is quick and reliable enough for FT Traders?

    Looking into tax benefits and looks similar to the US.
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    Larry Williams lives there, and has talked about the legal tax advantages he gets, although I somehow don't think he posts here lol.
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  3. That cracked me up because my mind immediately went to Larry Williams too.

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    Internet speeds are the least of your concerns if you're considering moving there because you've got fantasies of tropical paradise and tax free trading. It's a love it or hate it kind of place. You may well be lucky and be one of those who loves it, but odds are against it if you've lived your whole life in CONUS. Trust me, take advantage of the pandemic to go live there for 6-8 weeks while doing your regular daily routine living in an apartment similar to what you could afford to rent if you lived there. It will be an adventure, and even if the end result is that you realize you could never actually live there, it will still be a great experience you'll look back on fondly.

    Actually packing up and moving there though, unless you're a 22 year old who can fit all your possessions in a suitcase, is another thing altogether. It puts you in a bad situation of feeling stuck there because of the sunk cost of having moved and when you finally do come back the whole thing will have left a bad taste in your mouth and you'll regret it.

    As an quick eye opener before you leave, take a look at the murder rate in the USVI and compare it to the state where you live. Then the rest of the crime stats. Just the price of living in paradise, as they wryly say.
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  5. Lol dang i was hoping to hear from Larry.
    @Sig you sound like you have lived, or do live, in the USVI? If so, which island?
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    No, I lived in HI which was bad enough. I have spent several weeks in both PR and USVI and based on my previous HI experience I could tell they weren't for me. That said, there are definitely people who love it. You just have to really really be a live and let live guy so when people graffiti your house, dump garbage in your yard at night (in a neighborhood of $750k houses), and block off parts of the beach to set up their drug markets you can honestly let it roll off your back. Places like BVI and Bahamas family islands have a little bit of this but everyone cares and does their best to stop it so it doesn't really bother me. PR and USVI (and Ohau) seem to have just given up. I'm not wired that way, but I certainly know people who are and honestly they're probably happier than me so it's good luck if you are.
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    If you are planning to spend any time at all on St. John, don't forget to take a couple cases of mosquito repellent with you -- enough to bath your entire body in it.. Demand may have pushed price up if you wait until you arrive to buy it.
  8. good point - they aren't as bad as places i've been in Belize or Honduras, but still annoying
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    I live in The Westin St John a couple of weeks yearly
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    Same can be said about The Florida Keys when it is no-see-um's season.

    And I understand on the flip side from watching some of those Alaska wilderness shows summer is brutal up there. Short but brutal. :)
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