USSA = United Socialist States of America

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  1. When will it stop?
  2. It will stop when "John Gault" makes his final speech to the nation as those who produce leave behind the mess caused by OBAMA, the colletive good, the Freeloader, the parasite.

    That is when a New Dawn will begin, far from the very City, town, ranch, farm that you now live in.
  3. Yeah, maybe Americans that can't stand it need to settle on a single destination where they can institute the Constitution and start over rather than disperse...
  4. Vensualia, huh? that must be close to Comolobia and Brazzeril?

    Damn Vensualians...


  5. MKTrader


    Relax, there's so such thing as U.S.S.A. We're in Barakistan now.
  6. yeah, sorry dude i cant spell and was to lazy to press spell check on firefox, i see the redline under it. will change now for you since u seem to care ;)
  7. heard a good quote on fast money last week. went something like this

    "the thing that is diffrent from the united states and socialism is that countries that are socialist such as venezuela or argentina take over businesses or companies they want to. the united states takes over companies they dont want to.

    think about it, venezuela takes over CX, TX, and the phone company. all businesses they want to. while we taking over BSC, AIG, FNM, FRE, GM, F. Would any of us ever want these companies?

    talk to me about the "USSA" when we take over GOOG

    ps i spelled "diffrent" incorrect as well
  8. Too right! Taxpayer's are picking up the dead carcasses.
  9. When the country collapses in the same manner the USSR collapsed. States will begin to succeed and then there will be civil wars. Until then, enjoy your USSA.


  10. You mean "secede" as in "secession", not "succeed" as in "success". Goddamn.
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