USSA descends into full blown fascism

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Rearden Metal, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. Good morning lowly proletariat,

    Bill HR 3880 would, among other things, require every doctor to examine you IN PERSON before prescribing ANY drug. Having a nurse or service examine you would NOT suffice. This examination would also have to be done BEFORE you ever communicated in any way with the Dr. via the Internet.

    <b>Translation: This means the shut down of every single American online pharmacy.</b> Shipments from foreign pharmacies are already routinely confiscated by US customs, which leaves us nothing. The bill is backed by BOTH MAJOR PARTIES (of course.)

    Let's see what some chronic pain sufferers have to say:

    "There are many chronic pain patients who would suffer greatly if they were not able to order from domestic online pharmacies. They provide a legal, legitimate, affordable service. I feel that as an American citizen and a Gulf War hero (I will enclose the required dd214 along with this letter), And a mature adult, I should be able to make the decision of where I order my prescription drugs. It is NOT the business of federal government."

    " cannot stand the fact that thee Gov't regulates what our own Dr's care "allowed" to prescribe for us, made our own DR's afraid of over precribing and facing loss of liscene and prosecution. So we turn to ops as this is the only way we can live normal heallthy livves like NORMAL non cper's do. D@2mmit they have NO RIGHT to put fear into us and tell an ADULT how to proplerly medicate and take care of themselves. Now I have to live in fear-AGAIN-and pray this doesn't pass. I will now spend my day writing letters to my congressmen and senators to not pass this bill. I hate to sound morbid, I truly to, but they worry about us overdosing on these meds, well if this passes they should set aside billions of dollars for the loved ones left behind by the cper's who choose death instead of living in agonizing, unbearable, dysfunctioval pain forever.............................."

    "Our constitutional rights are turning into just the opposite. The rights to OUR freedom seem to be changing to "Living to our Governments rights and decisions." Obviously our feedom to do and say in our country is being taken over by what everyone else wants for us, not what we want for us.

    Would they be happier leading a totally Comunist country? This might be a little off topic, but I just feel after reading all these things about some of our privalages in life being diminished, that there may come a time where our constitutional rights will end up meaning nothing. Why doesn't our voice mean anything anymore?? I'll write to my congressman, and pray that our voice is really being heard and taken seriously. Whats the problem here, doesn't the government make any money from us when we order online??? "

    "Our freedoms and civil rights are being taken away one at a time and once they are gone, there is no going back!!! "

    This is scarry i hope it never happens. ya know our government is really getting out of control with their "control" I thought this was land of the free, more and more and more they try to take control of our lives. I am so sick of it! becasue of OP's i am a functional human being, who can get up and go to work everyday pay my mortgage and buy food. with out the OP's i would loose my job becasue i would be out sick too much or too much in pain to come to work, or becasue of my 10 years of mybouts with insomnia not be able to work at all!~ why the hell don't they mind the problems a little bit more then worry about people who need meds to function! would they like it better if we all filed disability and had to be on state aid? ughhhhhh! "
  2. There's a reason the AMA employs lobbyists. Helping you keep your medical expenses down is not one of them.