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Should the US Government compete in more business like it does in USPS?

  1. Yes. Otherwise the result is higher prices and Monopolies.

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  2. No. US Gov can do this because it is not interested in profit.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. nitro


    I had to ship an item. So I compared Fed Ex, UPS, and USPS. The USPS is 50% less than FedEx, and almost 50% less than UPS!!!!

    So, if the government is in the same business, we as consumers benefit? Huh? That goes contrary to all the spin being touted by people?

    Thank You VERY MUCH US GOVERNMENT FOR GIVING ME AN INEXPENSIVE WAY TO ship my goods and transact business. Otherwise, __"Capitalism"__ would choke me.
  2. and all other book sellers are getting a subsidy from the tax payers. same thing for small businesses where they can send ads and flyers for dirt cheap thru USPS

    When USPS is officially bankrupt or US Govt stops subsidizing them, the cost of sending a book will be close to $10 essentially killing book selling on the internet

    We the taxpayers are still subsidizing Amazon thru media mail which is way cheaper than mailing anything else.

    This has to stop.

    If this subsidy does not stop, then USPS will lose $10BN this year and more next year and so on. This has to stop.
  3. you do realize that the post officeis bleeding money? thats why they want to stop mail on saturdays and they cant close post offices which are losing money because they are not permitted to do so. If I remember correctly something about a post office in ever district, something to that accord. dont thank the goverment for a business which has a monopoly on letters and cannot properly manage itself.

    by dec 2011 the post office will be broke not a prediction a fact
  4. Postal Facts

    0 — tax dollars received for operating the Postal Service
  5. nitro


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  6. On a semi-related topic, I often buy books and DVDs from in Canada, and have never paid a single penny for shipping/handling.
  7. All the post does is to fill my mail box with junk. Their business now seem to be junk mail and flies. I think they need to raise the fees for sending junk.
  8. Same here...every other day I get flyers for about 5 different pizza places and 2 or 3 for furniture stores. I can only eat so much pizza and sit on so much furniture....when will they stop?
  9. I don't buy the premise. My wife sells on eBay. Most items go USPS; because, they are the cheapest by far on the low end (light envelopes.) For medium sized items, we price check against FedEx and UPS. FedEx is usually much cheaper. For big items, USPS won't even take them. All three have different pricing models.

    USPS's dedicated delivery schedule is more cost effective for mailbox sized items. It is not a matter of taxpayer subsidy, it is a matter of law concerning the delivery of small correspondence, sized items rather than packages.
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