USPS Priority Mail Delayed - Why?

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    I mailed a priority letter containing a cashiers check to my broker in Va. from Tx on Monday afternoon.

    Tomorrow is Friday and confirmation tracking indicates that
    it still has not arrived.

    Delivery should take only 2 days (not 4 or more).

    Does anyone know why a simple priority mailing might take
    this long to get delivered?

    Any insight here?

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    Correct Address
    Using a complete and correct address
    is critical for efficient delivery.
  3. Good question...I've had the same problem twice recently & I thought it was just my local post office being the problem.

    An "overnight" delivery I paid more than $4 for took 4 days & a "2-day" priority took 3 days. When I asked if the 2-day was guaranteed she said no.
  4. Priority mail used to have a 2 or 3 day guarantee (I forgot exactly how long). There is no more guarantee. I've had some take 4 days, but most of the time it's 2-3. Be patient.
  5. WE in Australia have guaranteed next day delivery anywhere in Australia for about three bucks.
  6. Also really friendly beautiful young female counter staff with big
    (.)(.) at least in this area. Going to the Post Office here is a highlight of my day engaging in flirtatious conversation with babes.
  7. So they put the mail in kangaroo's pouch and it hops around the country? Nice.
  8. stylark3


    Thanks Everyone for your reply.

    But, what I am really wondering is whether a delay like this
    maybe an indication that the postal service is opening up
    our mail for inspection under the patriot act?

    Anyone have insight into this possiblity?

    If this is not the cause of extended delays then what other
    reasons could there be?

  9. Could be. Whether they are opening or not, the fact is that a Priority Mail envelope / mailer moves through the mail system in exactly the same way as a simple First Class Mail envelope, but at 10 times the price. It's "expedited" only in name. (For packages, Priority is, of course, generally faster than either Parcel Post or Media Mail.)
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    If this is the case then I will just put a stamp on it the next time.

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